2020 DAS SOTY Harbor Beach Results

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2020 DAS SOTY Harbor Beach Results

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The weather forecast was a concern for our trolling tournament at Harbor Beach. On Friday it was chilly 4850 degrees with strong winds from the NNE, and waves around 3 feet. Only Bobby’s Toy ventured out for pre -fishing on Friday. The Saturday forecast was for similar temperatures and included a small craft advisory for the afternoon. We planned to finish the tournament at 1:00 pm. Would we be done before the weather hit?

Due to the Corona virus, there was no Captain’s meeting on Saturday morning. Captains were able to register for the tournament in advance via email using a form that Bob Ksionzek created for us. We had seven boats registered for the tournament.

The wind and waves had quieted down overnight. At the 7:00 am start the temperature was still around 50 degrees. The waves were comfortable 1-2 feet and well-spaced. The sky was clear and the morning sunshine helped to take away the chill. It was a real pleasant day to be out on the lake. But the fishing.......

Well, it was sloooow! At the 9:00 fish-call Moonshot reported having 6 fish, Vicki’s Seacret had 2, and Hardtop & Tails and Blue Horizon had one.

Shortly after the fish-call I received a phone call from Bob Ksionzek. He had a lot of questions: how deep were the fish, where did we catch them, which lures, when, etc. But he neglected to ask me which species. They were PINK salmon. These little fish would be on your lines, but you wouldn’t know it until you pulled the lines in to check, and there were lots of them! Most boats were throwing the pinks back in the lake.

At the 11:00 fish call, Moonshot reported having 12 fish (guess which species), Vicki’s Seacret had 7 (uhhuh), Blue Horizon had 3, Hardtop & Tails had 2, and Wonder had 1. (Sloppy Joe had to leave the tournament early because a crew member was not feeling well.)

The winds didn’t start to kick up until the end of the tourney. Lucky us! At 1:00 we pulled lines and returned to port. At the weigh-in there were few fish that counted for our scoring (must be at least 3 lbs, or 19+ inches). None of the pinks were big enough.

Congratulations to Jim Zanke for the win! Jim revealed that his “secret weapon” was flasher/spin-n-glow near the lake bottom, in 80-90 feet of water.

Paul Gjeldum (Blue Horizon) won the biggest fish prize with his 15.6 lb Lake Trout. Brad Walton (Moonshot) won the biggest (3.35 lb) steelhead prize, and Blue Horizon also won a random draw for the biggest salmon.

There was a lot of positive feedback from the captains about using email to register for the tournament, and not having to get up early to attend a Saturday morning captain’s meeting. I expect that we will be using this email method for future tournaments.
Bob Feisel
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