Corona Virus Suspension Update

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Corona Virus Suspension Update

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I'm sure you are all aware that 2020 has been a year of many challenges. We began our year with an abbreviated or non-existent ice fishing season and then things really got nasty when we ran headlong into the Corona Virus Pandemic. Our interrupted fishing schedule is a minor consideration when you think about the negative impact brought about by the State business shut down and shelter-in-place order. It's a new world out there now I guess. There are no road maps to follow on this one as we work collectively to re-start the economy and how we keep ourselves safe going forward. When will the infection abate? When will a vaccination become available? How will the vaccination be distributed and delivered. Will the vaccination work? Will we experience a re-occurrence? I'm sure you have all of these same questions and many of your own.

The point I'm trying to make is there are more questions than there are answers right now. What we know is, the Detroit Area Steelheaders are going to survive this. What we will have is the "new" normal. The club board of directors are meeting regularly through ZOOM and we are discussing how and when we can get back to fishing. When can we resume member meetings and what venues will be available to conduct meetings are all things we are going to work through.

A few things you should know:
Member dues are suspended through the term of the shelter-in-place. If your membership expires while we are in lock-down do not fret. Send in your renewal when the State shut down and shelter in place terminates.

"All" club functions are temporarily suspended. This means Angler of the Year events, Skipper of the Year events, Special Friends, Salmon in the Classroom, member meetings, fund raisers, everything is temporarily suspended. ZOOM board meetings will continue because we can comply with all CDC recommendations as we make plans to restart the club.

There will be an occasional newsletter just so we can keep in touch. If you have a good fish story or picture do not hesitate to send it in and or post it to the message board.

A little good news is we completed our major fund raiser "Wild Game Dinner" just before the shut down so with careful fiduciary management we will have the funds we need to move forward. Careful management of expenses and donations will be critical.

Keep the faith, hang in there, and stay in touch. We will get past this.

Dan Chisholm

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