2019 St. Joe SOTY Results and Pictures

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2019 St. Joe SOTY Results and Pictures

Post by Last Dime » Thu May 09, 2019 7:26 pm

The expectations were high for the skippers and crews heading over to St. Joe for the DAS’s first SOTY tournament of the season on Sat., May 4. Reports were good with cohos, lake trout, steelhead and kings….big kings being caught.

“Bobby’s Toy” validated those reports with a very nice catch of 5 big kings, 3 nice lake trout and a coho on Friday despite sloppy conditions on Friday morning in 30-35 FOW. Winds, rain, fog and 1’-2’ choppy seas made for less than ideal lake conditions but certainly did not seem to bother the catchin’. Spoons and body baits were working on shallow set downriggers and 3 and 5 color lead cores. But as Skipper Bob Jones warned his crew “doing good on Friday can be the ‘kiss of death’ for Saturday”, everyone anticipated good fishing for the tournament.
However, just as the ‘Prophet Bob Jones’ predicted not only Bobby’s Toy but the entire fleet of 7 boats struggled in the early goings Saturday morning. Only “Bad Dog” reported 1 fish at the 9:00 am Fish Call! What a turnaround from Friday! The fishing did get a little better as the morning went on with “Bad Dog” reporting 3 fish, “Vickie’s Seacret – 2 fish and the rest of the fleet - 1 fish except “Blue Horizon” and “Bobby’s Toy” still had the skunk in the box at the 11:00 am call.

All boats returned to port at the 1:30 pm call to pull lines and made it to the weigh-in line on time by 2:30 pm. Rookie Port Captain Brett Mauk ordered up a fantastic meal from Harding’s Friendly Market. The meal arrived shortly after 2:30 pm so it was decided to enjoy the luncheon before we would hold the weigh-in. Served were delicious hot chicken and ham, beans, pasta salads and rolls plus cookies & cupcakes for desert. A variety of cold sodas and water were also there to drink.

6 out of 7 boats caught at least one fish as it was a rare day for “Blue Horizon” with no fish in the box! Skipper Brett Mauk and his crew on “Fish the F On” easily pulled off the win with their 5 fish weigh-in consisting of 3 big kings, a big lake trout and a nice small steelhead good for 92.9 points - 39.9 points ahead of 2nd Place “Bad Dog’s 5 fish. “Vickie’s Seacret” finished just behind in 3rd place with their 5 fish and 48.7 points. “Fish the F On” also managed to win all 3 Big Fish pools with a 19.4 lbs. King, 13.1lbs. Lake Trout and the only steelhead weighed-in at 2.95 lbs! Amazingly, Skipper Brett and his crew’s win was good luck amongst a day of bad luck as they had to fish on one engine as the other motor failed, did not have a working graph and lost into the depths their Fish Hawk transducer! Congratulations to Brett and his crew on the win and also big Thanks for doing a great job as first time Port Captain!!

Co -Tournament Director
Bob Ksionzek

Everyone had a great time despite the less than spectacular fishing but certainly enjoyed the great food and camaraderie. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Grand Haven!
St. Joe Final Standings
1901SJ.jpg (334.55 KiB) Viewed 600 times
1st Place - "Fish the F On" - Skipper Brett Mauk
1901_1PL.jpeg (156.88 KiB) Viewed 600 times
2nd Place - "Bad Dog" - Skipper Tom Gorguze
1901_2PL.jpeg (136.46 KiB) Viewed 600 times
3rd Place - "Vickie's Seacret" - Skipper Bob Feisel
1901_3PL.jpeg (145.34 KiB) Viewed 600 times
4th Place - "Hardtop & Tails" - Skipper Jim Zanke
1901_4PL.jpeg (157.68 KiB) Viewed 600 times
Big Fish - "Fish the F On" - Fred Chartier (Left) with 19.4 lb Big King, Skipper Brett Mauk (Middle) with 2 Other Big Kings and Tim Cary with 13.1 lb Big Lake Trout. 2.95 lb Big Steelhead didn't make the pic.
1901_BF.jpeg (164.67 KiB) Viewed 600 times

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Re: 2019 St. Joe Results and Pictures

Post by Bad Dog » Tue May 14, 2019 2:19 am

Congrats to port captain Bret Mauk on hosting a great event. St Joe has been, and remains one of my favorite ports. Big kings are back! Looks like this will be another great year for big fish and screaming drags!

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