Casevile Outing 12/08/18 by: Blaise Pewinski

This is where to post all things about the Angler of the Year (AOTY) Outings as well any other outings - River, Surf & Pier & Otherwise -held in the past.
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Casevile Outing 12/08/18 by: Blaise Pewinski

Post by Aquarius » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:18 am

Casevile Outing 12/08/18
On December 8 2018, the DAS cold water nomads hit Caseville harbor for last AOTY event. Mother nature sure can change her mind in a hurry. The day before the event the harbor was open water, at 6 am we were greated with a strong west wind and the harbor froze solid well past the marina. There were guys thinking of playing cards in the club house and others thinking of where can we go to get out of the wind and catch some trout. This is where we changed our plans an decided to get out the spuds that some of us brought along and fish off the docks up river. Not everybody was prepared to fish the ice, except Gaspere, he had his perch rods and was the first to land a nice 6.96 lb. Trout. At that point we thought it might be a 1 fish tournament, considering it was 9 am already.. shortly after AOTY points leader Jim Pehleg caught a 8.5 lb trout. At 930 am, from then on the bite turned on. Jim caught the next fish , which he was very lucky to land considering it got wrapped up in a snag of some sort. He just kept pressure for 10 minutes and the 14.4 lb trout slid in the hole for a net job. Meanwhile a guest of James name TEE got into the action with a pair of 7 pounder followed by a 10 lbser. Great catch for a first timer on ice and trout fishing. Bob Paradise couldn't be left out of the competition when he heard the bite was on a caught 2 trout and a nice pike, he tried his best to get his 3rd fish but lost a few, great rally Bob. We had another first timer with us Mark Wyrick that got his first trout a 9.61lber to round out the field. We had 29 Nomads that showed up and we caught a few perch , walleye and pike. At 1 pm we met at the clubhouse supplied by member Louie Balaze for lunch supplied by Blaise, and the weigh in to follow. In the end Jim Pehleg walked away with 1st place and the honor of being the 2018 AOTY top fisherman, Congrats Jim, his 3 fish limit weighed 28.86lbs.
This event was the best event we've had this year. The comradeship and passing off of knowledge on how to catch trout to our new members and guest made me proud to be a Detroit Area Steelheader.
Hope to see you next year for another fun filled year OF AOTY events. Blaise Pewinski

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