Special People 2017 Thank You

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Special People 2017 Thank You

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“Team Detroit Steelheaders”
Our June 10, 2017 Special People outing was a good time for everyone. The weather cooperated with a pleasant day on the lake. The catch was better than average because of the skills of the fishermen and the fortunate timing of the fish fly hatch. The pleasant surroundings of Toledo Beach Marina along with the friendly cooperative attitude of all the participants just added up to make this a very good outing.
Our boat captains provided the capacity to take out up to 32 guests but with last minute cancellations we only had 19 guests to take out. Regardless, we got people matched with boats and everyone who attended enjoyed a great morning fishing on the lake followed by a great picnic lunch.
With this writing, I hope to recognize everyone who pitched in and helped to make this a memorable and special day for our guests. It was a total team effort by “Team DAS” and I will try to include everyone who helped-out but if I miss someone that’s my bad and your efforts were still appreciated.
Sponsors: Without our sponsor’s nothing happens. Remember these vendors and suppliers when you need something. They are the ones who donate back to the community they serve.
Toledo Beach Marina: A great organization and they sponsor this outing every year by allowing us to use their facility, dock our boats, donate ice, and provide a friendly/cooperative atmosphere.
Blake’s Orchard: Donation of apple cider and doughnuts for the morning and picnic.
Jeff’s Bait and Tackle: They help us out each year with bait for fishing.
Fund Raiser’s: Don Jasman, Fred Chartier, and Brad Walton coordinated a Special People fund raiser that generated up to $440 just for Special People.
Donations: Ice, water, soft drinks (Sesi Marathon), and cash (Mt. Clemens Pizza $50 – Auto Farm Inc. $100 – Cedar Wholesale Supply $100) all helped to keep the DAS expenses manageable.
Captains and Boats: The following captains donated their time, talent, and, boat to make this all possible. An additional shout out to the crew men and women who assisted the captains,

Tom Gorguze (Bad Dog)
Bob Jones (Bobby’s Toy)
Blaise Pewinski (Sea Hag)
Jim Zanke (Hard Top N Tails)
Chuck Eddy (Money Tree)
Paul Nowak
John Meade (Saluki)
Don Jasman (Just Wastin Time)
Ron Hartman (Molly Friar)
Jose Angeles (AngelCru)
Paul Gjeldum (Blue Horizon)
Dan Chisholm (Channing)

Food: Jim Zanke and his crew (Mike Lolli, George Wagner, and Mary Chisholm). These people did a tremendous job providing a meal of pulled pork, mac and cheese, watermelon, cookies, muffins, cider, and rolls. The meal was great.

Ground Crew: Bill Stanley championed the ground crew and did a great job of supporting the outing in a large variety of ways. Bill and his crew did everything but provide the weather. They helped with set up and clean up, cleaned fish, assisted with launch/retrieve, took pictures, mingled with our guests, filled in as boat crew, and probably several other things I am not aware of. Thank you all for whatever you did.

Bill Stanley
Don Mikros
Tom Theida
Jon Martens
Bob Feisel
Rich Janis
Rod Elnick
Chris Nytko
Fred Hyman
Chris Turak
Fred Chartier
Cheryl Jasman
Ron Hartman and family

Awards: Linda and Ray Banbury
Special People Coordinator: Linda Bredernitz (arranged for all the guests)
Last and far from least a special thank you to Mary and Doug Karakas for plowing the path long before the outing so that rentals and reservations were made far in advance. Bills were paid and instructions were delivered in writing that even I could understand what needed to be done, where, how, and when. They did a great job from afar while enjoying their vacation of a lifetime.

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Re: Special People 2017 Thank You

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Dan, I just want to thank you and all the great people involved in this years "Special People" event. I was very happy to attend the outing this year and was so glad to see a lot of old friends both from DAS and the very special ones. Again, thank you Dan, you made the DAS proud. Dick Shirk ( "Lil Scratch")

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