Post shutdown activities

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Post shutdown activities

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It looks like we will finally get to resume some of our DAS activities after June 8th. I'm hoping to create a discussion area for all members to share their thoughts. Whether it's trolling tournaments, outings, or monthly membership meetings, what are your concerns? Will you participate in our fishing events?
The governors letting groups up to 100 meet outdoors. That should clear the way for fishing events, and maybe even outdoor meetings. Would you attend? What covid precautions would you need to see? Would you stay in a motel, or eat in a restaurant? Are masks, or social distancing a necessity....what? The trolling captains, and the outing committee are going to put schedules together. It may be some people aren't comfortable associating with others just yet, and that's okay. Your input will be helpful as we plan for the other side.

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Re: Post shutdown activities

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Bob Feisel, Boat Trolling Chairman and the 2019 top ten most participating skippers are having a Zoom meeting to discuss how to restart the DAS SOTY Boat Trolling tournaments this Thursday, June 4 at 7:00 pm. If you aren't on that meeting's invite list and are considering participating in some boat trolling events, please feel free to offer your suggestions or concerns on ways that would make you feel more safe and comfortable in participating in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis that we are beginning to emerge from. Actually we would like to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have that would make it easier for you to participate. Just reply to this post with your thoughts and suggestions.

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