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Line Counters

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An interesting conversation with our President Blaise got me to thinking and figured this thread may be usefull to our members. After Stripping your Reels, of course it is now time to fill them up with fresh line. The key word I just used was FILL. Blaise and I had a discussion regarding the accuracy of the line counters we have. He had found there to be differences from reel to reel and the make of the reel, for example Tekota to Okuma. I decided to talk with the Pro's. I consulted Captain Craig Coleman at Captain Chucks in Ludington and Tom at Tuna Reel Repairs in Ludington. They both said the same thing which was rather interesting. The counters on the Tekota and Diawa are accurate when the reels are full with at least 20 pound Mono. Okuma uses an average from a small spool to a full spool, with 20 pound Mono to gear their counters. They did say that the all will be off when using Fireline, Core or Copper, but found it best to keep them full no matter what.

The reasoning behind this discussion was that if I say my stretch on my rigger is 25, but my spool is not full it could be a longer stretch, as the counter works off of revolutions of the spool. This is good to keep in mind, when talking with your fishing buddies and trying to help them out, as you will be giving them truthfull information, just not accurate. While this sounds a bit OCD, it is the attention to detail that will put that extra fish in the box.

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