What reel do you run for full cores?

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Bobbys Toy
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What reel do you run for full cores?

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I am in need of replacing my full core reels. I have been running a couple of old Okuma Classics 52 for the last few years but they have wore out. I replaced them this year with Daiwa ADP57LCB which have proven to be absolute junk. I thought they would be great with 6:1 ratio, but you can not even get the line in on them. I have been a long time user of Daiwa reels as I own more than 20 of them, mostly SG47GL,s and some of the old GL models they don't make anymore. Please reply with what you use and are happy with.

Bob Jones
Bobby's Toy

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Re: What reel do you run for full cores?

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Hi Bob, Had great luck with Shimano Tekota 800. Expensive but never had any problems. In the beginning the clickers were junk but that is in the past.

Bad Dog
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Re: What reel do you run for full cores?

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I own a bunch of the Tekota 800's. The Tekotas are a dependable workhorse, but they are slow. I also have several Okuma Convectors and Clarions that have been good. I haven't purchased any of the Okuma Clarion 553LS reels yet but would take a serious look at them because of the 6.2:1 take up factor. The Okuma 55 reels ave a good feel and great line capacity. They will hold up to 450' of 45# copper when paired with a braided backing. You may spend a little more for the 55 size but you will come out ahead because you can use 30# mono for backing.

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