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Weirdest way you have caught a salmon

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 12:58 pm
by Tennesseekick31
Weirdest way you have caught a salmon they say you rigged it up hooked it etc
I took a 300 copper ran it in 100 ft of water behind a 11inch paddle frog green with a Michigan green glow squid with a alewife on the hook of the squid hit a 12 lb laker fun fight though

Re: Weirdest way you have caught a salmon

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:54 am
by steelheader159bm
While fishing a club tournament at Ludington, many years ago, I was setting lines and used a stacker on one of the riggers. As I was letting the cannonball go down, I was thumbing both reels and yakking with my crew when the stacker let loose because I thumbed too hard on the spool. I was a little perturbed because the ball was set at 85 feet and I would have to bring it back up re-set. I grabbed the stacker rod that had a number 3 chrome j-plug and started cranking as fast as I could. As I was cranking a 15 pound King nailed it. I was excited about that but I was also LMAO while I was fighting the fish. I finally got the fish near the boat and ready to net. The fish decided to take off again between the boat and the cable, came around and did another time around. I finally leaned over the gunnel and got my hand into its gills and pulled it out by hand. That was first and only time I ever had a King hit the lure on the way up.

Snagged lamprey

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:24 am
by Vicki's Seacret
Back in the '80's, my brother and I were casting spoons at the mouth of the Black River (N of Harrisville). My brother hooked up and had a good time fighting a nice King. I netted the fish for him and dropped it on shore. That's when we could see that the spoon had snagged a lamprey that was still attached to the fish!
A DNR officer was there as soon as we landed the fish. He let us keep the fish because we were using legal tackle and we weren't deliberately snagging.

Bob Feisel