Lake Erie Perch 10/14/2018

Big Water Fishing Reports for Lake Erie
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Lake Erie Perch 10/14/2018

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Its Channing again. This time it was Aquarius and Channing on my boat out of Sterling State Park. Straight out at 150 degrees to 26.5 fow. Surface water temp has dropped some, its now more like 60 degrees f. You know you can always trust the wind projection out at Brest Bay. NOT!!!!!! The projected 5 to 7 mph out of the south was really more like 12 to 15 out of the southeast. That made for a bumpy, slow, wet ride out to the fishing grounds. Eventually we got there and set up in 2' to 3' waves with the occasional 4'. The bite was pretty decent in the beginning. Not on fire but far better than grinding. As with the last few trips there were not a lot of the larger females. Mostly the 8" to 10" males with a few larger fish showing up once in a while. We had a pretty quick run to 30 perch before the bite tapered off. The longer we stayed out there the slower the bite got. I don't have a degree in fishology but it was noticeable that as the wind and waves went down, the bite got slower. By the time we quit at 1:30 pm the winds were way down and the waves were 1' to 1 1/2'. We got to the fishing grounds around 0830 (it was a slow ride out) and we quit for the day at 1:30 pm. Total catch 51 perch. A good day but its not like it was last year where we thought 80 fish was not too hot because we were so used to limiting out. We got tossed around by the wind quite a bit but it was still a good day. Go fishing. Dan

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