Lexington 2018 Tournament

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Lexington 2018 Tournament

Post by channing » Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:21 pm

I have been trying to contact the Lexington Harbor for some time without success. Calling the listed harbor phone number has not been answered and the State system says tough luck "that harbor will not be open until May 1". Today I was able to contact a man named Dennis at the harbor and he told me the official opening date is truly May 1 but but he says the power will be on at the docks. The status of the restrooms is undecided so they may or may not be open for April 21. The fish cleaning station is the same status. Dennis is aware that fish are being caught up there so he is trying to get the city to get the fish cleaning station open earlier because there is a need for it to be open now.

That's the best information I can give you right now. Unofficially, I believe we can use the slips without any problem but we must cross our fingers for the restrooms and fish cleaning station.

Dan (Channing)..............Hope to see many DAS boats on the April 21.

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